When most Manitobans think of a home inspection, they think of a pre-purchase inspection that is conducted just before agreeing to buy a house. This is an important service and one we have years of experience providing, but there are other reasons to get a residential inspection as well.
Our services include:


The most important and most expensive purchase most people ever make is buying a home. House Review inspections performed prior to a purchase can provide piece of mind by reinforcing the positive aspects of a home in good condition, or can help you avoid unpleasant surprises that can turn your dream purchase into a nightmare. We can help you make the right decision about your investment.

House Review inspectors are trained to identify and interpret clues that indicate the general condition of the property. Understanding what repairs are required or the possible upgrading alternatives will save you time and money. House Review inspectors will provide guidance and information on the general maintenance required to keep the home in good condition, and encourage you to participate in the inspection so that items of interest can be discussed.

Our inspections take about three hours to complete, and include examination of the foundation, structure, roof, exterior, grade and drainage, as well as heating/cooling, plumbing and electrical systems. Every House Review inspection includes a computer-generated report that features digital photos and information about the home, which provides a valuable tool for making purchase decisions and caring for your home for years to come. Our service doesn't end with the report; telephone consultation is available to all our clients for as long as they own their home, at no extra charge.


This service is for the home seller who wants to raise their home above the competition. At House Review, we believe in the future of pre-listing inspections, which allow home sellers to present prospective buyers with a comprehensive inspection report at the same time as they are viewing the home. Purchase offers are made cleaner and deals are less likely to be renegotiated or to fall through altogether.

This service also gives the sellers an idea of the overall condition of their home prior to listing, allowing them to find and correct flaws before a buyer or their inspector does. It can also give sellers peace of mind knowing that their home is safe and sound and being sold in good condition.


Most people are under the impression that if they are buying a new home or condominium, their new home will be in perfect condition, or that because the builder provides a warranty, there is no need for an inspection. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Are you getting everything you paid for? Usually, the home buyer goes on a pre-move-in inspection with the builder prior to the possession date. Having an independent third party inspector along who's working for you will ensure a more thorough, unbiased inspection. Not only will we point out and report on defects but most importantly, we'll review all components of your new home with you, explaining the operation and maintenance requirements.


Does your new home have a warranty? Do you know what is covered and for how long? This inspection should be conducted prior to the expiration of the one-year warranty. A comprehensive inspection will identify defects and building-related concerns that homeowners may want to bring to the builder's attention before the warranty expires.


For most homeowners, repairing something when it breaks or leaks is unfortunately the norm. Having House Review inspect and review your home with you will provide you with a better understanding of your home's current condition and its maintenance requirements, before something breaks. Regular maintenance reduces long-term repair costs and helps maintain the maximum value of your home.


Infrared thermal imaging cameras are increasingly being used to identify building defects and problems that can lead to mould growth and poor indoor air quality. Thermal imaging can be used to locate other building defects including insufficient or improperly installed insulation and vapour barrier, moisture intrusion and damage, radiant heating system leaks or problems, insect or pest intrusion, and even electrical problems including overheating and loose connections.

As House Review Inspectors are Infrared Training Center (ITC ) certified, you can be assured of competent and professional thermal imaging services. ITC is the premier educational and training resource for infrared camera application professionals.


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